Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Todd Palin is NOT a victim of racism.

I think this can be labeled as "White Privilege 101".

So Sarah Palin has claimed that because her husband is part Yup'ik, they have experienced racism in Alaska.

...Let's examine this.

Todd Palin may be a quarter Yup'ik, but he looks white. I'll bet you more than anything he was raised as a white kid, too.

You can not claim to be a victim of racism if you present as white and were raised as a white kid. It's impossible. I myself am part Tsalagi, but I was raised as a white kid, so I can not pull the race card.

Even if Todd has been snubbed for being part Native, Sarah Palin can not claim to be a victim of racism when she's a white woman. He might have experienced racism, but she has not. She would merely be a witness to it. I can't believe she pulled the race card. Palin, of all people!

After all the racist crap Republicans have said about Barack Obama, she claims to be a victim of racism? Give me a fucking break.

Please, people. Don't give this woman a toehold in the white house.


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