Tuesday, November 4, 2008



We did it everyone. Thank you, all of you, who voted, canvassed, campaigned, worked your ASSES off to make this possible. I love you.

Election day reminders.

For everyone who is apathetic to voting today:

Look, it's fine if you think both presidential nominees are evil. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't vote. Vote for state ballots and county representatives! Vote for your local sheriff, the person who oversees sewage treatments in your neighborhood! I don't know, just vote. If you have the ability to vote, but don't, you really have no right to bitch.

So stop bitching and exercise your right and duty as a citizen. As cheesy as that sounds, it's true.

For the record, Collin and I voted today. :)

Todd Palin is NOT a victim of racism.

I think this can be labeled as "White Privilege 101".

So Sarah Palin has claimed that because her husband is part Yup'ik, they have experienced racism in Alaska.

...Let's examine this.

Todd Palin may be a quarter Yup'ik, but he looks white. I'll bet you more than anything he was raised as a white kid, too.

You can not claim to be a victim of racism if you present as white and were raised as a white kid. It's impossible. I myself am part Tsalagi, but I was raised as a white kid, so I can not pull the race card.

Even if Todd has been snubbed for being part Native, Sarah Palin can not claim to be a victim of racism when she's a white woman. He might have experienced racism, but she has not. She would merely be a witness to it. I can't believe she pulled the race card. Palin, of all people!

After all the racist crap Republicans have said about Barack Obama, she claims to be a victim of racism? Give me a fucking break.

Please, people. Don't give this woman a toehold in the white house.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Deep concern regarding people who are voting McCain tomorrow.

71% of Americans feel cynical about the government.

81% of Americans feel as though the country is headed in the wrong direction.

67% of Americans are dissatisfied with the current president.

Polls like this have been conducted for a very long time. The historical percentages are certainly alarming, aren't they? Why now, of all times, are Americans (including myself) feeling that now? The war and the unpopular president? Obviously, the Bush administration has made Americans feel voiceless. We want change, we want the war to end: our complaints and hopes go unanswered.

Oh, wait! I have an idea -- an idea that would solve the plights and disdain Americans are feeling about our government. VOTE MCCAIN! Afterall, he voted for Bush 90% of the time. Certainly his views and ambitions will be no different from our disliked president. I mean, a new face with the same views will certainly bring about the change Americans are longing for! Granted, he has more rage issues than Bush has -- but let's not forget that he isn't named George W. Bush. We have to be fair.

Go McCain! Don't pay attention to the facts, of course not. Let's focus on what really matters: he's angry and white! That's what really matters.

Let's face it: Add 72 + 4. What do you get? A MASSIVE HEART ATTACK. Call me cruel, but let's be realistic: the average life expectancy for Americans is 75 - 77.5. There's a good chance Palin will become president with the life expectancy rates, no? Obviously Palin will help our nation. Her experience with Russia via Alaska is experience enough. Their trade of shrimp & lobsters (biggest import/export trade between Alaska and Russia) will give her enough experience to rule the nation.

I'm running out of ideas for my ironic rant.

If Americans dislike George W. Bush: WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU VOTE FOR MCCAIN? WHY?

Moral issues? Just why you voted for Bush, right? Well, that ended REALLY fucking well!

I'm so deeply troubled and worried about tomorrow.



Here we are, starting a new blog on the eve of election day. Yeah, the focus is on Obama vs. McCain, but local voting is getting ignored, which means a lot of potentially stupid/harmful ballots can sail through without much trouble.

Ballotpedia has a list of the 2008 ballots in a state-by-state chart. Check it out. Don't forget to vote at the local level where policies can directly effect you. Be informed and take responsibility for what goes on in your community; you live there for a reason, don't you?

Happy voting!